"I've been an accountant (RIA, CMA, CPA) for 43 years. I have never seen the Cash Flow Statement and the Cash Flow Management Process described with the level of clarity and completeness that you provide throughout this Masterclass."

"Your infographics are extremely useful not only for CPAs but also for non-financial executives and business owners who work closely with their CFOs."

"I highly recommend taking the Cash Flow Masterclass, implementing the entire process described in the course and using the KPIs to manage cash flow in your business."

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This unique masterclass is led by a seasoned entrepreneur, banker, CPA, and MBA with over 20 years of experience. These course materials and insights are not available anywhere else and they will give you the competitive edge you need to take your career or your business to that next level.

The Cash Flow Masterclass Curriculum

What will you learn?

☑️ The Importance of Cash Flow in Strategic Business Decisions

☑️ The Anatomy of a Cash Flow Statement

☑️ How to Analyze the Cash Flow Statement

☑️ How to Tell a Compelling Cash Flow Story

☑️ Types of Cash Flow Statements: Direct vs. Indirect

☑️ How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement: Direct vs. Indirect

☑️ What are the Key Cash Flow Drivers?

☑️ The Cash Conversion Cycle: calculate, analyze, improve

☑️ Cash Flow Management: Optimizing vs. Maximizing

☑️ Cash Flow Mistakes to Know and Avoid

A One-Hour Complimentary EBITDA Masterclass

Prepare to dive into 6 essential EBITDA topics

  • 1. The Aggressive beginnings of EBITDA

  • 2. EBITDA Calculation Formulas

  • 3. EBITDA Flaws and Benefits

  • 4. EBITDA Uses and Abuses

  • 5. EBITDA Adjustments

  • 6. EBITDA Alternatives

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Hi, I'm Oana Labes.

I built my career and my business around strategic finance, and today I am here to help you build yours the same way.


The Cash Flow Masterclass is the result of 2 decades of experience in the world of finance, business, entrepreneurship and commercial lending.

I have an MBA from one of Canada's top tier business schools, a designation as a Professional Accountant from one of the toughest programs in the world, and over 12 years of experience advising and financing hundreds of Canadian companies.

I have distilled my extensive and unique expertise in cash flow management to save you from having to spend 20 years learning what I know, and instead help you get farther ahead in your career and your business.

I am confident this course will help you grow your knowledge and expertise, expand your earnings, and influence and overall improve your business and your life.

Introducing The Cash Flow Masterclass

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Here's what you get with this incredible course:

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• 190 downloadable course slides

• 10+ Excel models

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