“The goal is to provide inspiring information that moves people to action.”

– Guy Kawasaki, author & venture capitalist

In a world packed with Data, do you struggle to tell the Story?

If you do, this course will change everything by teaching you to:

  • Humanize

    Humanize the Data: People relate to stories, not numbers. By humanizing data, you translate complex figures and trends into relatable narratives that drive engagement and action.

  • Emphasize

    Emphasize 'Why' over 'What': People need to know why they should care. Shift from presenting data to explaining its significance so you can start driving decisions.

  • Visualize

    Create a Visual Narrative: Build a visual narrative to highlight key points, show trends, or illustrate relationships, and create a cohesive story that inspires action.

Everyone is talking about Ratios and Margins, but what do they really mean?

And how should you use them to actually drive business results?

"I work as a Financial Analyst but didn't realize how incomplete my view of ratio analysis was before this course. Other trainings I took mostly focused on the technical skills but didn't help me understand why the data was what it was, or how to present it to executives. This course helped me improve my forecasts and taught me how to think strategically so I can get CFO to buy into my ideas. Highly recommend."


Jeremy Reid, Financial Analyst

Poor Financial Analysis has Dramatic Consequences...

  • If you don't analyze historical financial results thoroughly...

    ...you risk having no solid baseline to understand past performance, hindering your ability to make informed forecasts, set benchmarks, and drive future improvements.

  • If you lack a strategic understanding of your company's SWOT through both external and internal lenses...

    ...you risk basing your forecasts and budgets on disconnected assumptions. This oversight can lead to missing targets, breaching financial covenants, and, in the worst case, facing insolvency.

  • If you fail to integrate strategic objectives into your financial forecasts and targets...

    ...you risk misaligning your financial planning with your business goals, leading to inefficient resource allocation and missed opportunities for growth.

Strategic Financial Analysis Skills weren't Really Taught Anywhere. Until Now.

Introducing the only on-demand video course designed to help you elevate your financial analysis into strategic business decisions.

From the creator who brought you The Cash Flow Masterclass


"Oana has a remarkable talent for simplifying intricate concepts, making them accessible to individuals with varying levels of financial literacy."

“Oana is highly skilled in business, strategy, accounting, and finance."

"She has an amazing level and insight and knowledge"

"Oana's depth of knowledge and abilities to communicate complex and detailed insights across platforms and audiences is unique and noteworthy."

Meet The Financial Analysis Masterclass.

This unique masterclass is led by an experienced CPA, sought-after strategic advisor to CEOs and CFOs and former commercial lender. You'll gain practical insights into financial analysis and strategic skills that will enable you to drive business results in your organization. These course materials and insights are not available anywhere else and they will give you the competitive edge you need to take your career and business to the next level.

Strategy x Analysis = Value

To drive a business forward, you must integrate financial analysis into your strategy

Financial analysis of past and current trends shapes future strategy, which in turn influences an organization's financial performance. This circular relationship shows that strategic positioning feeds off financial insights, and the resulting strategy directly impacts financial outcomes.

Master Financial Analysis

  • Basics

    Accounting Basics Accounting Frameworks Accounting Statements Quality of Earnings Essential Concepts

  • Tools & Methods

    Tools and Techniques Ratio Analysis Cash Flow Analysis Forecasting Sensitivity Analysis Scenario Planning

  • Business Strategy

    Key Stakeholders and Objectives Environmental Factors Financial Risk Management Mergers and Acquisitions Capital Budgeting Corporate Restructuring

Practical Knowledge. Unparalleled Expertise. Transformative Approach.

Gain access to unparalleled expertise and knowledge that will transform your approach to financial analysis and strategic business decision making.

If you're ready to become a strategic mastermind this is the video course for you.

Go from Data to Decision Making to Drive Business Results and Shareholder Value.Get the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to significantly influence your organization's growth, stability and success.

  • Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons

    The most important financial analysis concepts you need to know

  • Downloadable Infographics

    Financial Analysis Infographics

  • Downloadable Excel Practice Files

    Excel Templates and Practice Files

What Will you Learn?

☑️ An Overview of the Financial Statements

☑️ The Essentials of Financial Analysis

☑️ Why Quality of Earnings Matters

☑️ Understanding the Key Stakeholders and their Objectives

☑️ The Tools and Techniques of Financial Analysis

☑️ Using Ratios in Financial Analysis

☑️ Assessing Risk with Financial Analysis

☑️ Financial Modelling, Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis

☑️ Using Financial Analysis in M&A and Capital Investments

Get ready for a transformation

Successful companies get built on Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning.

Successful careers get built the same way.

About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Oana Labes. I'm a CPA and I built my career and my business around strategic finance. Today I am here to help you build yours the same way.

The Financial Analysis Masterclass is the result of 2 decades of experience in corporate finance, financial analysis and financial risk management.

I have an MBA from one of Canada's top tier business schools, a CPA designation from one of the best programs in the world, and over 14 years of experience advising and financing hundreds of Canadian companies.

I have distilled my extensive and unique expertise in financial analysis save you from having to spend 20 years learning what I know, and instead help you get farther ahead in your career and your business.

I am confident this course will help you grow your knowledge and expertise, expand your earnings and influence, and dramatically improve your ability to drive strategic business results in your organization.

Learn from A Top Linkedin Corporate Finance Content Creator

300,000+ Followers & 100+ Million Content Views


"What sets Ms. Labes apart is her ability to effectively communicate complex financial information. She has a remarkable talent for simplifying intricate concepts, making them accessible to individuals with varying levels of financial literacy. Her clear and concise explanations have been instrumental in helping me understand and apply accounting and finance principles in my own work."

“I have found your posts quite helpful in assisting to understand key metrics in strategy delivery. Thanks for your great work"

"Oana Labes' material and products offer an intuitive way to orient finance professionals, students of accounting, and those with no financial background whatsoever onto the most salient points to remember. I highly recommend sharing her insights with your organization"

Course curriculum

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    4. Excel Master File

    1. Chapter 1 - Introduction

    2. Test your knowledge

    3. Chapter 1 Slides

    4. Chapter 1 Resources

    1. Chapter 2 - Quality of Earnings and Accounting Frameworks

    2. Test your knowledge

    3. Chapter 2 Slides

    1. Chapter 3 - Situational Assessments

    2. Test your knowledge

    3. Chapter 3 Slides

    4. Chapter 3 Resources

    1. Chapter 4 - Tools & Techniques

    2. Test your knowledge

    3. Chapter 4 Slides

    4. Chapter 4 Resources

    1. Chapter 5 - Ratio Analysis

    2. Test your knowledge

    3. Chapter 5 Slides

    4. Chapter 5 Resources

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 41 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content


"Thank you for an incredible resource and your continued generosity in sharing your knowledge. This Financial Analysis Masterclass is another gem by Oana Labes and I recommend everyone to get it and use it as soon as possible."

George Donovan, CEO

What's Included?

☑️ Comprehensive, easy-to-follow modules covering all aspects of cash flow management

☑️ Engaging video lessons, practical exercises, and real world examples

☑️ Downloadable course presentation to reference after the course at your convenience

☑️ Downloadable Excel templates and infographics to support your cash flow mastery

☑️ Interactive quizzes and assessments to test your knowledge and track your progress

☑️ Lifetime access to course materials, so you can learn at your own pace

☑️ Access the course materials anytime, anywhere and from any device

☑️ Access to future materials added to the course at no additional cost to you

☑️ Completion Certificate


"No other course comes close! "

"The infographics alone are worth 10 times the price, just buy it!"

"Such clear explanations and amazing context, I can now articulate stories about data in ways that make me stand out in meetings"

"Thank you for putting this togehter, by far the best course on financial analysis for companies, CFOs, VPs, sales out there."

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  • Why should I take this course?

    This comprehensive course will help you learn how to drive strategic business decisions by confidently navigating the world of cash flow management. It will support you to accelerate your career, expand your business, and enable you to have the impact and influence you've always dreamed of.

  • What will I learn in this course?

    You'll learn how to seamlessly connect profits with cash flow, master the art of crafting a compelling cash flow story, effortlessly prepare accurate cash flow statements, and utilize the cash conversion cycle to drive strategic business decisions.

  • Why is cash flow so important?

    As this course will show you, poor cash flow management can result in serious business mistakes and potentially irreversible consequences. Meanwhile, strong cash flow skills foster enhanced business profitability, enable smarter business choices, and support a much more rewarding finance career with greater earning potential.

  • Who is this course for?

    This comprehensive masterclass is designed for finance professionals, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs looking to deepen their understanding of corporate cash flow management, and advance their businesses and careers. It's explained in layman's terms so everyone can relate and follow along well, without requiring any pre-requisite knowledge.

  • Who is this course not for?

    This course is not suitable for individuals who lack interest in cash flow, its drivers, and its strategic importance to the sustainability and growth of an organization.

  • What is 1-1 Coaching?

    1-1 Coaching will get you personalized guidance and feedback. You will work directly with the course instructor and will receive individual attention and support to clarify, discuss or explain topics of interest from this course.

  • Will I get a completion certificate?

    Yes! You will get a completion certificate which you can proudly display on your Linkedin profile page or list on your resume!

  • Will I have lifetime access?

    Yes! And you will also benefit from future additions to the course, such as new videos or new infographics and templates.

  • OK, I'm ready. What do I do to get started?

    Click Enroll Now to start learning TODAY! The course today for the nominal investment of $299, or choose a coaching package to get additional support and coaching from the course instructor.

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